Canteen Manager

We are now a ALL Volunteer canteen, please volunteer when you can.

The Canteen Manager is directly responsible to the House Committee for the management of the Post Canteen. They have the direct responsibility for supervising employees, enforcing rules, and accounting for receipts and expenditures. They must have enough authority to permit him/her to do so with a reasonable degree of freedom from interference. They must keep the accounts in such a manner as to justify all expenditures and verify all receipts. The Canteen Manager must make reports to the Post Quartermaster and to the House Committee. They enforce the rules but they do not make them.

The Canteen Manager keeps all payroll records, recording amount of pay to each individual and withholding the proper amount of Federal and State Income Taxes and FICA Taxes. Either the Canteen Manager or the Post Quartermaster must make the necessary Federal and State reports and payments for withholding taxes, Social Security and Unemployment Compensation.