House Committee

Kent Carlson Jr – House Chairman – Kent Carlson Jr Email

The House Committee functions only in a Post which operates a Post Home or Canteen. This committee may be selected in anyway the Post determines but it is generally considered advisable that it be elected by the Post membership, with the members serving staggered terms, on the order of Post Trustees. This lessens the possibility of one certain group gaining and retaining control of the Canteen.

The duties of the House Committee should be laid out in the Post By-Laws and/or Canteen regulations so there is no misunderstanding of their powers and responsibilities. The purpose of the committee is to act on behalf of the Post in making certain that the Canteen is run in an efficient, reputable and legal manner and that the rules of the Veterans of Foreign Wars are adhered to.

It is the general procedure for the House Committee to hire all employees, set their salaries, and issue necessary instructions and orders to the Club Manager. The committee usually meets at least once a month for the purpose of discussing problems, taking inventory, studying financial reports, and in general, acting as an advisory, supervisory and disciplinary board. No member of the House Committee should ever be permitted to act as Canteen Manager or as a paid employee of the Canteen.

The House Committee is generally given authority to suspend the Canteen privileges of any member and to establish and enforce, through the Canteen Manager, rules of decorum and behavior. They usually, also, have the authority to suspend or discharge the Canteen Manager or any employee for good and sufficient cause. In any disciplinary action, discharge or suspension, there should be provision for an appeal to the Post meeting. The committee cannot make or enforce any rules contrary to the rules of the Department, public law, or the lawful instructions of the Post. If it is elected from the Post floor, the committee is directly responsible to the Post floor and makes its reports to the Post at meetings. Refusal to comply with the rules and instructions of the Post is grounds for removal of any or all members of the House Committee.